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Exterior Painting

Exterior painting protects and enhances the appearance of a building’s outside surfaces by applying paint using various techniques and tools.
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Painting and Staining

Painting adds color and protection, while staining enhances natural color and texture.
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Deck Refinishing

Deck refinishing rejuvenates and protects decks by cleaning, sanding, and applying a protective coating.
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Siding Repairs and Paintings

Stucco repair and painting restore and protect exterior stucco surfaces by patching, retexturing and painting.
Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Specialize in Hardwood Decking, with unique Brazilian

Expertise in hardwood decking using unique Brazilian hardwoods like Ipe or Cumaru, requiring knowledge of their properties and installation techniques.


Carpentry is the art of shaping and joining wood to make structures, such as furniture and buildings. Carpenters use a range of tools to work from designs and plans.
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Power Washing (Decks & House)

Power washing is high-pressure water spray used to clean decks and houses, removing contaminants and preparing surfaces for further treatments.

Interior Painting

Interior painting enhances the visual appeal and protects the inside surfaces of a building, and involves surface preparation and the application of paint using various techniques and tools.
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Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting

Cabinet refinishing and repainting updates kitchen or bathroom cabinets with cleaning, sanding, and a new finish or paint.
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Trim/Carpentry Installation

Trim/carpentry installation is adding wooden finishing touches like moldings and baseboards to a construction project, requiring precise cutting and fitting for a professional look.

Color Consultation

Color consultation is a service that helps clients choose the best colors for their space by considering their preferences, style, and purpose, as well as factors such as lighting and existing decor.
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Drywall and Plaster Repair

Drywall repair replaces damaged areas with a patch or compound, while plaster repair fills in holes or cracks with plaster mixture.
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Crown Molding Services

Crown molding services install decorative trim along the upper edges of walls, adding elegance and sophistication to a room with various styles and finishes.
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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling removal is the process of getting rid of a textured ceiling surface, often called "popcorn" or "stucco" ceiling, to create a smooth finish.
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Wallpaper Removal and Installation

Wallpaper removal and installation is the process of replacing old wallpaper with new wallpaper, which requires careful measurements for installation and messy, time-consuming removal.
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Tiling and Bathroom Remodels

Tiling is installing tiles for decorative or functional purposes, while bathroom remodels involve updating and improving the appearance and functionality of a bathroom.
Concrete Staining and Epoxy Finish

Concrete Staining and Epoxy Finish

Concrete staining and epoxy finish enhance and protect concrete floors. Staining adds a decorative finish, while epoxy provides a durable and glossy coating.

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Repair Expertise

Every house needs some repairs at some point. From wood rot to storm damage, home repairs need to be handled in such a way that they do not cover up related problems.

Remodels and Renovations

Still in love with your home, but feel like it’s a little outdated? Need a more functional kitchen for the chef of the house? Let’s talk about a remodel.